Below is the required documentation for your visit, please answer these questions honestly and bring a copy of the form in with your appointment.

If there is any change in your heath prior to your appointment please notify our office. Temperatures will be taken for all patients on arrival. Adults are to come to their appointments alone, we cannot have children or other adults in the office with you. With children, only one parent will be allowed back in the treatment area. For the Park Place office, when you arrive for your appointment please stay in your car, call the office to notify us that you are here, an assistant will wave you into the office, and you will be brought back to a treatment room. And per Delaware requirements you MUST wear a mask into and out of the office. We thank you for your understanding with this new procedure.

Please be aware that to help cover the cost for additional PPE and equipment necessary for everyone’s safety, there will be a $10 PPE fee added to your visit. Some insurance companies are covering this fee but not all. We will only charge this fee once in a 6 month period.

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